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Product Name:  American Ginseng Polysaccharide
Latin Name:  Panax quinquefolium L.
English Name:  American Ginseng
The Used Part:  Root
Appearance:  Brown-yellow powder.
American ginseng polysaccharides are made up of American ginseng starch and pectin. The pharmacological activity of American ginseng is mainly pectin, which are mainly including galacturonic acid, galactose, glucose, arabinose, xylose, rhamnose residue, etc. American ginseng polysaccharides can excite nerves, eliminate fatigue, activate insulin, lower blood sugar, activate tissue, promote newborn , improve immunity, inhibit tumor, strengthen heart, against hypoxia, protect the skin, delay aging. It can be used for coronary heart disease, menopausal syndrome, stealth diabetes, neurasthenia, anemia embolism treatment and cancer adjuvant therapy.
Available Specification
Total polysaccharides >50% UV (Anthrone - sulfuric acid method)
Pharmaceutical raw materials
Health food
Food additives
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