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Product Name:  Ginsenoside Compound K
Formula:  C36H62O8
Molecular Weight:  622.87
CAS:  39262-14-1
Appearance:  Light yellow powder
Ginsenoside is the main pharmacological active ingredient of panax ginseng and its the same family plants (Panax notoginseng, American ginseng, etc.). It has been separated more than 40 kinds of ginseng saponin monomer. Ginsenoside CK belongs to diol-type saponins, which is very low in natural ginseng. But it is the main degradation products and the final absorptional form of other high content ginsenosides, like ginsenoside Rb1 and Rb2, ect. Ginsenoside CK has a high biological activity.
Available Specification
1. 1.5% HPLC, apply to special foods and cancer patients
2. 0.15% HPLC, apply to general food
3. 40-50%HPLC
Ginsenoside Compound K ( CK ) HPLC
The advantages of Ginsenoside CK
1. "Natural prodrug" theory has been confirmed Ginsenoside CK is the entity of Ginsenosides active role. The existing research shows that the anti-tumor activity and enhance immune of Ginsenoside CK is the strongest of all ginsenosides;
2 Ginsenoside CK ginsenosides is the most suitable to use as anti-tumor development in all ginsenosides. It has a good solution, while ginsenoside Rg3, Rh1, Rh2 are in poor water solubility. For cancer patients, once into the conventional treatment, digestive function was completely lost. Preparations for oral absorption level is very limited. But ginsenoside CK can be made into injection, with its good water solubility, to play a direct role.
3 Ginsenoside CK, intervening specific antineoplastic treatment programs, is help to build efficient cancer treatment modalities, to explore the existing treatments and therapeutic potential. The existing studies have shown that ginsenosides CK indeed has a good synergistic effect attenuation for some first-line anticancer drugs.
Pharmacological function
1 anti-tumor:
Following is the main points of Ginsenoside CK anti-tumor mechanism:
A inhibition of tumor cell proliferation;
B to promote tumor cell apoptosis;
C inhibition of tumor cell invasion and metastasis;
D to improve chemotherapy sensitivity of tumor cells, reducing its impact on normal cells side effects
2 anti-diabetic, regulate blood sugar
3 immunomodulatory
4 anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory
5 anti-hypertensive
6 Skin Moisturizer
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