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Product Name:  Ginsenoside Re (No bitter Ginsenoside)
Formula:  C48H82O18
Molecular Weight:  947.14
CAS:  51542-56-4
Appearance:  White powder,No bitter
Ginsenoside Re is mainly extracted from Panax ginseng, though it can also exist in American ginseng, Tianqi, etc.. But compared with others, the content of ginsenoside Re from Panax ginseng is relatively high. Because ginsenoside Re has a good pharmacological activity, it is mainly used in clinical neurological, immune, cardiovascular and many other diseases.
Available Specification
Re> 95% HPLC
Purity> 98%
Rg1 <0.5% HPLC
Ginsenoside Re HPLC
Pharmacological function
1. Ginsenoside Re can promote DNA, RNA synthesis and induce tissue regeneration role;
2. Ginsenoside Re can enhance insulin, lower blood glucose;
3. Ginsenoside Re can regulate neurotransmitters, anti-fatigue;
4. Ginsenoside Re has a significant antagonism on platelet aggregation and release, thrombosis.
5. Ginsenoside Re nerve cells can delay aging and reduce memory impairment, improve memory.
Pharmaceutical raw materials
Health food
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