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Product Name:  Panax Ginseng Berry ( Fruit ) Extract
Latin Name:  :Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer
English Name:  Panax Ginseng
The Used Part:  Berry ( Fruit )
Appearance:  Light violet red powder or brown-yellow powder
Ginseng berry is from fruit of Panax ginseng, fruit is a small berry, nearly drupaceous, and red when ripe in autumn. Besides all the ingredients of ginseng root, such as ginsenosides, protein, amino acid, polysaccharides, etc, it contains berry ginsenosides especially Re abundantly - bioactive factors that aid diabetic & obesity.
Available Specification
Ginsenosides 40%-50%HPLC ( 60%-80% UV ) (100% soluble in water, Brown-yellow Powder)
Ginsenosides 30%-40%HPLC ( 60%-80% UV ) (100% soluble in water, Light Violet Red Powder)
Pharmaceutical raw materials
Food and Drink for health care
Food additive
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