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Product Name:  Rose hip Extract
Latin Name:  Rosa davuricaPall.
English Name:  Rose hip
Family:  Rosaceae
Genus:  Rosa
The Used Part:  Fruit
Appearance:  Brown yellow powder
      Wild Rosa acicularis, scientific name is wild rose (Rosa multiflora Thunb.), also known as the wild rose, mountain Rosa acicularis, belong to rosaceae, widely distributed in Heilongjiang and south of Daxinganling and Xiaoxinganling, etc. The fruit of rose hip is temperature. It tastes acid and has rich nutrition, which is folk large quantity to be eaten or used for making tea, soaking in wine, etc. "Chinese Dictionary" which claims that rose hip has effects of the spleen qi, nourishing menstruation. Eighth and ninth edition of the former Soviet Union also claims that it can be the treatment of scurvy. In recent years a large number of domestic researches show that it has anti-aging, prevention of cardiovascular diseases role. At present the wild Rosa acicularis, as a kind of natural health care drugs, has been increasingly attention and extensive development.
Available Specification
      Polyphenols: 10%; Vitamin C: 5%~20%;
Pharmacological function
      Rose hip has effects in spleen qi, nourishing menstruation, anti-aging, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, etc.
      1. Anti-aging, anti-fatigue, hypoxia and sex hormone-like role: the wild rosa can improve the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD); and inhibit the formation of of lipid peroxidation (LPO) and lipofuscin; remove the harmful free radicals from the body, thereby delaying aging. The wild Rosa ratafia can significantly improve symptoms of elderly insomnia, fatigue, forgetfulness, and sexual function decline.
      2. Enhance the immune of the cardiovascular system: the Wild Rosa fruit water extract and alcohol extract can reduce a person's blood pressure and cerebral vascular resistance and increase coronary blood flow; inhibit platelet aggregation and prolong clotting time; and inhibit thrombosis.
      3. Protect liver, anti-cancer, promote intelligence : the Wild Rosa fruit has a significant antagonism of liver injury which caused by the experimental alcohol, carbon tetrachloride and Sodium nitrite plus aminopyrin. In addition, the fruit of wild Rosa can resistant body injury induced by radioactive radiation and prevent radiation cancerous.
      4. The wild Rosa fruit can promote the formation of animal DNA, RNA and protein synthesis; repair DNA damage. In clinical practice, it is also used to treat indigestion, qi stagnation diarrhea, stomach pain, menstrual pain, and intractable gonorrhea.
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