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China for the first time allowed the cultivated ginseng can enter the food industry

Xinhua, Changchun, Feb. 14 (Xinhua Mayang), is held in Changchun, Jilin Province, the fourth of the Eleventh People's Congress meeting, Jilin Governor Wang Rulin announced "cultivated ginseng into the food," the pilot work has won state approval. This is the first cultivated ginseng can be allowed into the food.
Located in the foot of Changbai Mountain, with "Chinese ginseng town" reputation Fusong Jilin, was identified as the first batch of Ginseng Medicinal and Edible pilot areas in Jilin Province. In accordance with the Food Safety Act and the new resources of food management regulations, in the pilot period, the county according to the law, according to procedures reported planted new resources of food, enhance food security monitoring to ensure food safety.
Ginseng for its "reinforce vital energy and refreshing, prolong life," the magical effects, is listed as "Northeast Sambo" in the first, is a valuable medicines. Ginseng is divided into the wild ginseng and cultivated ginseng. Jilin province is China and the world, the main production of ginseng yield accounted for the world of 85% and accounts for 70% of China.  Among them, the number of cultivated ginseng accounted for 98% of the total ginseng in this province.
According to information, long-term since, China has been will be limited to drugs, ginseng not allowed to join in food. But on March 1, carry out formally the "jilin ginseng management method ", the clear the new rules, "jilin ginseng" allow is added to foods.
Jilin CPPCC member,the principal of changchun university of traditional Chinese medicine, WangZhiHong thinks: the cultivated ginseng can be allowed into food, will further increase of ginseng use value, will make even more people benefit. He said: "this measure, will promote the further development of the ginseng products, driving the scientific research and market and development of relevant industries."
About ginseng food research and production of the project has been at startup implementation. Jilin province has identified 25 pilot enterprise, the processing of ginseng, ginseng food product research and development. At present, has reported ginseng biscuits, ginseng beverages, 140 ginseng food varieties.
"Ginseng into the food in the field of pilot work for the transformation of ginseng industry will provide the new development space", jilin ginseng industry to promote group deputy team leader,  RenKeJun said: " by 2015, jilin ginseng industry output will achieve the 400 billion yuan, ginseng products generally reach green, organic standards, the proportion of deep processing accounts for 70% of the total. "

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