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Whether DNA testing has the right to evaluate plant supplements
In early February, the New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneider Mann, informed that the four plant supplements were unqualified detected by DNA testing and required all plant supplement products to be pulled from shelves. This may affect $ 6 billion’s plant extract supplement industry on the USA. And the manufacturing enterprises of global plant extracts, which relied on the export-oriented international market, are also very worried about the influence of the matter.

It is understood that the New York State launched an attack on supplements of plant components because of using DNA barcode detection technology, and eventually both sides debated whether DNA testing technology is suitable for detecting plant extract supplement products.

People, who is in the market of plant extract, know that DNA is not suitable for the detection of products of plant extract. Because DNA of the natural plants will be destroyed in a solvent extraction process or in other forms of technical processing, but a group or several groups of active ingredients, which are certificated by science, are retained.

For DNA testing technology of AG, a professor of biology techniques in New York state directly: It’s unjust for the trade that AG detected the products by using an uncertified method, which is not sure whether is suitable for detecting, and jump to a conclusion directly.Botany experts said DNA testing technology is a novel detection technology in the health industry, but is not suitable for testing all food supplements on the market.
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